Design Criteria For ZXCS

RE: Design criteria for ZXCS

They say, “if your design criteria is complete then the product will design itself”. That and “beauty in function” are the two mottos I live by when doing my design.

Here is the design criteria I used for the Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet:

  • As light weight as possible.
  • Compact as possible, needs to look in proportion to most common assault rifles.
  • Relatively durable/heavy duty.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easily mounted and removed.
  • Easy to maintain and adjust chain tension.
  • Longest battery life possible. Commonly available.
  • Relatively ergonomic.
  • Minimize snag points (outside of the saw blade of course!)
  • Look tough or menacing.
  • Relatively safe to operate.

With all the above in mind I decided to go with:

A 18v Lithium ion cordless chainsaw platform to make operation quick and easy and also keep maintenance down. The battery I choose is the Ryobi “One” Li Ion battery which is available throughout the USA from Home Depot, so that would give some the option to buy the saw only and not have to buy the battery and charger (which can cost as much as the saw!). I choose a 10” bar which I think is long enough to look menacing; without adding too much weight. For durability I am using a custom machined aluminum housing with an Falcon Industries Picatinny rail and an ACE LTD. machined aluminum vertical grip. I am also using a Doublestar in house, custom machined extrusion for the saw to Pic. rail hand guard interface. This will allow the saw to be easily mounted and removed from any long arm with a pic. rail hand guard.

The way the saw is designed now is that it is very easy to operate with the push button switch integrated into the ACE vertical grip, this allows the operation to be ambidextrous. There is no safety, so like a Glock, when you squeeze the trigger, it will go. So owners/operators will have to make sure their friends are briefed on safety before picking up the saw/rifle.

The first run ZXCS are solid and cut through large branches easily.

They actually work better when mounted on a rifle because of the extra weight really helps it cut. The motor has plenty of torque and we have never been able to make it bog on a cut no matter what the diameter (we tested logs up to 12” in diameter) , of the log is as long as it was not binding.

When I pick up the Zombie X Chainsaw and feel the heft and see the metal construction and the quality craftsmanship, I say: that is a 500.00 chainsaw! I think you will agree that this chainsaw is worth the price.

Robert Weir