Custom Survival Tools

One of the things I enjoy more than just about anything in this world is designing and building a survival tool!  And the second thing I like most is:  getting out with it on a Survival Trip, and testing that tool!  I would like to help you experience that!

I especially love using found or repurposed items to make a tool.

 I enjoy taking something that someone throws away and then making it into something that they want to keep forever!  This is the magic that that continues to inspire me, and keeps me always 'in the hunt' to create that perfect tool.

I am also happy to use new materials, and make you any design, custom tool, or knife.       

I would be honored to work with you on a design or prototype for the Survival Tool or knife of your dreams.  Contact me here:

I love the Post-Apocalyptic (PA) genera of art.  I look at this definition of a PA survival tool as being tough and reliable; nearly unbreakable, multipurpose; with rough, earth tones and with a fabricated in the field feel.  A little rust and dirt is OK; well-loved and used looking. I am also happy to fabricate any Post Apoc. movie prop or Survival tool or knife or costume feature or even a custom vehicle.

Custom Tools and knives take time and there is usually something in front of that. So please allow for 6 months for delivery.

I will generally make you a Survival Tool ASAP, if you are scheduled to be on a TV survival show, or if you going on a Survival Trip of a lifetime.

If you are going on a survival TV show and want a Panacea X production item, I will usually be happy to supply you a complimentary ST. Let me know your needs.

Custom Knife and sheath: $200.00 and up.

Custom Machetes with custom sheath: $200.00 and up.

Custom Survival Challenge Tool, (Multi-Function tool) with sheath: $300.00 and up

I would love to hear from you and help you make your knife or tool, or survival item of your dreams a reality!   Robert Weir

Knives and Machetes

Story Knife

A Story Knife is a term I coined to describe a knife that has a story to its creation. It is part of the magic of owning a custom handmade knife.

The story of my Jungle Knife is a perfect example.

When I was in the Jungles of Belize in 2015, training in Jungle Survival with Pedro Garcia, (who is a teacher with a group that trains British and Dutch Special Forces in Jungle Survival), I found an old, rusty, triangular, machete file in the mouth of a cave we were exploring. Being a blade smith I was stoked, because this file means the Jungle Gods have just given me the steel to make a Jungle Knife! So, Pedro and I then looked around and found some Jungle Ironwood, or “Break Axe Tree” as it is also know by; that I could make the handle out of.

After I got back I designed I knife that would work well in the Jungle as a companion knife to my machete. I wanted the blade to thin enough to be flexible for fileting fish and strong and long enough for digging out coconuts and prepping other foods like heart of palm and hutes. I wanted it to look primitive, so I would leave in the hammer forge marks.

I also made the sheath look primitive by using the flesh side out. I made it so that it would fit snug in the small and handy “ruler” pocket of my Carhartt jeans.

Do you have some found items you would like made into a Story Knife?

I would love to help you have that story.

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Weaponized Chainsaws

Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles, Props, Costumes


PAXE Shovel Axe


I developed the PAXE for History Channel’s ALONE competition, and specifically for Vancouver Island.

My primary design criteria for the PAXE, (Panacea Shovel-Axe) was that I wanted to have about a 2 pound head axe so that I could easily split the dead Red Cedar, so that I could get inside the log to get the dry wood there. In my mind fire is the most important thing to have on a solo survival trip, because it is so comforting psychologically. I also wanted the PAXE to be as safe as possible to use; so I put a long handle on it so that I would not have to spit wood from my knees. (When it is soaking wet raining, who needs that?) I also, know how handy having a shovel is on a survival trip. It is useful for shelter building and digging for food, roots or in this case clams.

I also was not planning on bringing a knife for one of my 10 items. So I put a large beard on the axe so I could reverse grip the axe and use it as a large knife. (I also brought custom broad-heads on two of the arrows that I made. I planned to use as my primary knives for carving and food processing.

Watch my videos:   My 10 Items for Alone Season 3 and Bow and Quiver Explained

I did not want to the handle to break, so I designed the PAXE head to have a special super strong ferrule to which I inserted a “unbreakable” plastic, fiberglass reinforced plastic handle into which is epoxied and riveted into place.

I am calling the ALONE PAXE the PAXE Heavy as it is not really a tool I would put into my bug out bag or take back packing it is designed for ALONE of course or Jeep or Truck camping/ survival.

Of course, it would make an excellent recue tool for a bush plane.

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