panəˈsēə/,  pan·a·ce·a : a solution or remedy for all difficulties, universal cure, cure-all, universal solution.

Panacea X produces intentionally designed, high quality and thoroughly tested Survival Tools.  
Panacea X, ‘Superior performance through superior design! ‘


Rob Weir, founder of Panacea X, competes on History Channel’s
'Knife or Death'.


Need a Custom Survival Tool?

Whether you are in a survival TV show challenge, or just want to challenge
yourself, Panacea X has the right tool for you!

Weaponized Chainsaws

“I had intended the Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet to just be promotional, but after such an overwhelming acceptance and bravado, we could see by the second day, that we were going to have to manufacture them.” - Robert Weir, Owner


The AR-15 Chainsaw Bayonet Is a Real Thing, and It’s Hilariously Awesome

by Jordan Michaels on June 26, 2018

Remember last year when the pro-gun Twitterverse took down USA Today for including a “chainsaw bayonet” in its list of possible AR-15 modifications? The online magazine’s stellar reporting spawned a raft of excellent parodies, memes, and even some stylish apparel. Everyone had a good laugh and moved on, though some GunsAmerica commenters voiced their appreciation for USA Today’s creativity.

It turns out the chainsaw bayonet is a real product, and it’s currently available in its second iteration for the low, low price of $300.  [read more]


Wasteland Weekends and the X Tribe


Killsaw Bob, poses with porotype Killsaw, with noise maker, in front of the Panacea X truck; a 1943 Ford GTB “Burma Jeep”. We had the Panacea X mobile store set up that year at Wasteland Weekend, a Mad Max festival.  Click Here to see more photos.