Knife or Death


Forged in Fire’s - Knife or Death is a reality TV show where “blade wielders” of all types test their ability to design and build, or choose a knife, sword, machete or some type of edged weapon; and then compete with it through a rigorous timed course. In this course the contestants will face everything from chopping through large ice blocks to severing a chicken in half in one chop!

Rob Weir the founder and lead designer of Panacea X, survival tools, recently competed in Knife or Death season 2, episode 5, called “Gladius Maximus”.

Rob Weir said, “The opportunity to compete in the show came to me; so when I get opportunities like that, I go for it! I felt like it would be a way to show my design capabilities and get my machetes noticed. Even though the competition chopper machete, called “Reaper”, is not really a survival machete, I still feel the design represents my intentional design and engineering capabilities”.


For more information on the Reaper Machete, click here.