Mini Gig

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1 Mini Gig.jpg
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Mini Gig


Panacea X‘s motto: Superior performance through superior design.. The Mini Gig is no acceptation to our design motto. Other companies have designed and offered sheet metal cutout gigs, and I can tell by looking at them that they will not perform in the real world the way, the way Panacea X Gigs do. The tines need to be long enough to pierce all the way through the game in order to get a good purchase on it. The points of our gig have a shallow angle to help the gig penetrate the animal easily. The barbs are relatively large making it difficult for the game to escape the gig. It may make getting the game off the gig more difficult, but in a survival situation retaining your game once speared is paramount. Our tines taper out so that as to create spring like pressure to help hold the animal in place.
Panacea X’s Mini Gig is designed to be light weight and compact; easy to have a few in your Go-bag, and then distribute to your tribe to collect food.
The Mini Gig is made from cutlery grade AEB-L stainless steel. Only the tips of the Mini Gig are heat-treated, (hardened), so that the tines can be bent into place and then flat again many times without fatiguing the metal. If the targeted game is missed and the gig slams into a rock, the tips will bend and not break off.
Length: 4.98”
Width: 1.25”
Thickness: .070”
Width and length of haft area .375 (3/8”) wide by 1.14 (1 /18”) long.
Weight 17g (.6oz.)
The Mini Gig can be used to take all kinds of animals in a survival situation: fish, crayfish, crab, snakes, lizards, and fish in a hole, gophers, rats and mice in a hole!
Please use this product responsibly.
Take only animals that you need to live on, and only with a valid permit.
Take only species in season.

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Kill all speared animals immediately.
Abusing wildlife reflects poorly on all fisherman / hunters.
Sacred Hunt
Our ancient ancestors had a deep respect and a spiritual connection to all animals and plants and for the land.
Most of our ancestors, would say a prayer similar to this before the hunt. “As I hunt today please bless me that I will find the animals I need to feed me and my family/Tribe. Put only the animals in my path that have volunteered to give their lives to feed me”.
Personal note: I love all wildlife, I love to see animals in the outdoors; so it is important to me that my survival tools are used responsibly and with compassion. In my view, the wild animals that humans hunt are in many ways superior to humans. They are able to live outdoors in extreme environments day in and day out, and in every season, and be able to survive, put on weight and bare offspring; all the while living off the land in a truly sustainable way. Wild animals are miraculous! The odds of the animal you just killed making it to adulthood, (“big enough to eat”), is a virtual miracle. I would like to encourage all hunters to consider this, take only what you need and only when you need it. My prayer for quick clean kills.
- Robert Weir Sen. Designer Engineer Panacea X LLC

- Directions:
- The Mini Gig can be hafted to a bought or found wooden or synthetic shaft. If you after harvesting a strait sapling for your shaft, give thanks, then use the thick end to haft to. If you have a Panacea X light machete (.070” thick), the saw back will cut a perfect width slot to fit your Mini Gig into. If not some multi-tool saws will make a slot suitable for the gig.
- I like to carve down the end of the shaft I am using to almost a point before I slot it. This way the gig will travel in a straighter line and not be defected or slowed as easily by the water. Whittle down the haft end on your shaft so that it is slightly less than 3/8” so that the cord you use to bind the gig in place will come into contact with the sides of the metal Mini Gig.
- Use strong braided natural or synthetic cord to secure the gig to the shaft.
- Wrap and secure your cord tightly to secure your mini gig in place. I suggest that you wind some of the cord through the tines of the Mini Gig to help ensure that it will not pull out from the shaft.
- A quick way to attach the gig to a shaft is to use a knife and split the shaft and slide the Mini gig into the split. I like to cut a “step” or “stop” into the split so that the back square end of the gig rests up against this step, to ensure the gig will not get pushed back and split the shaft more. Be sure to wrap your cord well past the split to keep the shaft from splitting more.
- The Mini Gig being only 3/8” wide at the haft end allows the operator to also be able to haft it to an arrow shaft.