FireFly© Mini Survival Knife

The FireFly©, designed by Robert Weir, is a mini survival knife machined from 1/2" diameter, bar-stock, O1 tool steel, and hardened to 58C (Rockwell). “Never Fail” construction; one piece, blade and handle. "I designed this knife to be worn like jewelry, so it would always be with you. They say, the best survival knife is the knife you have with you”.
Beautifully machined and accented with precision drill work on the, hilt and spine. The spine on the FireFly© is ground to a “90 degree sharp”; so the spine can be used as a ferro rod striker, and thus conserving the primary edge for other cutting tasks.

The blade is slightly less than 2" long so it can be worn legally concealed, (worn under your clothing), in most states, (Please check your local and state laws). The FireFly© is designed with these three main functions in mind: one, a small handy utility knife available quickly and easily from its neck worn Kydex sheath. Two, it is designed to help you make fire with its integrated ferro rod. Three, its’ hollow handle can be used a signaling whistle!

The Kydex sheath uses ¼” eyelets that are positioned .75” (¾”) on center, so that the FireFly© can be bolted to the sheath of a larger knife or machete as a companion knife.

The FireFly© is also intended to be a Survival Challenge Tool! If you want an extreme challenge of your survival skills, just take the FireFly© as your only survival tool. I like to simulate a trail runner getting lost and go out with just the clothing and gear that a trail runner would have and of course the FireFly. That’s a challenge!

Proudly machined and ground in the USA! Lifetime warranty.

Extensively and thoroughly tested, in many extreme environments.

It is your back up to your back up! Small enough and comfortable enough to be worn always.

This design has a US Copyright, all rights reserved to Robert Weir and Panacea X LLC

FireFly© Specs:
Weight: 45g (1.6 oz.)
Sheath is made from .060 Kydex

Available now! Please allow 5 business days to process order.

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