Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet, two tone, OD green /flat black, contact us to order. Click photo for order information.


Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet, two tone, OD green /flat black, contact us to order. Click photo for order information.


Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet with QD pic rail mount. 20v, includes
battery, charger, t-shirt, bumper sticker and free shipping, (US lower 48).
Olive Drab and Flat black.  

Send inquiries to: sales@panaceax.com

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The Zombie X Chain Saw Bayonet (ZXCS), can be mounted on anything that was a Military Standard rail, (commonly called a Picatinny rail, or pic. rail, because this rail was developed at the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey.) This saw is custom crafted in the USA from parts from around the world. All of the aluminum parts, like the pistol grip, chassis and the rail clamp/rail interface, are machined here in the USA. The saw is also assembled and painted in the USA. This is a high quality well made chainsaw.

The Clamp rail interface can be removed and the saw can then be used as an ultra light Chainsaw.

Zombie X Chain Saw specifications:

Weight: with battery and all mounting hardware…..5lbs 8oz. (2495g)
Length: with rail adjusted to shortest configuration…21.5 “ (54.61cm)
Length: with rail removed….19.0”  (48.26cm)
Width: 6.25”  (15.88cm)
Height: 8.0” (20.32cm)

Best Uses For the Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet

“Killing” Zombies. ( Zombies are already dead so…?)

Best display! Mount a ZXCS on your tricked out assault rifle and have a guaranteed crowd pleaser/ attention getter. It is great for trade shows, gun store displays, gun room display, or even over the fireplace mantle at the cabin!

Drug Enforcement Agents can use it for marijuana eradication; and always be armed while cutting down the plants.

Marijuana growers can use it to harvest their crop and always be armed while cutting down their plants.

Off road motorcyclists, mountain bikers and hikers can keep the ZXCS in their hydrator pack and remove downed trees and branches that often fall across the trail.

Emergency evacuation. Cut through the roof if trapped in attic during a flood. Cut through wood doors and walls to make an escape too.

Clear your kill zone of pesky branches in front of your tree stand or blind.

Camping, cut firewood around deer camp while the ZXCS is attached to your rifle.

Be a B.A.M.F. at the next three gun match/Zombie shoot! Your character will always be remembered.

Mount the ZXCS to the peg board of your electric guitar and jam some serious metal!

Send us your best use for the Zombie X Chainsaw and if we pick your suggestion to post, we will send you a free ZXCS sticker!